Would you like to add an architectural design to your flat roof or have additional natural light to your living space? At the FlatRoof Company we have you covered.

 We can provide you with the best skylight installation service available for newly constructed roofs and existing roofs. Flat roof windows provide an artistic and advanced technology and design, with a wide range of solutions for any homeowner. These windows come in various glacing options which include Flat and Domed varieties. While also using the best manufacturing companies available such as Keylite and Fakro flat roof windows.

  • Increase in abundance of natural sunlight
  • Can improve the energy efficiency of your home
  • More aesthetically pleasing roof
  • With double and triple glazing available
  • Strong and tough to withstand considerable weight
  • Accessories (blinds can be added)

Most Commonly Used Are -

Flat glass roof light


Flat roof Dome